About Fair Point Ltd

FairPoint Limited is a private company limited by shares. The company was incorporated in Nigeria on 09 July 1990 with Registration Certificate No. 151555.

FairPoint commenced business as a trading company importing and distributing within Nigeria various premium brands; mostly edibles and beverages.

The company holds sole and exclusive distributorships of various household products from Europe, Asia and the Americas. Presently, the company has developed its own brands, which have become indisputable market leaders.

With Fair Point Limited, securing quality packaged Food and prestigious Wines at reasonably good price cannot be easier! We create high-quality packaged food and drinks for customers of all ages.

To deliver the best premium quality products with emphasis on quality, but at a reasonably good price.

We ease the pain of our customers who worry about buying adulterated Food and Wine products for consumption. Fair Point Limited is a signature guaranteeing quality and genuineness.