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Mega Tomato Paste



Mega Tomato Paste


Very rich in Calories, zero percent cholesterol and free from cacogenic substances.
Tomato Paste for the quality minded at reasonable price.

In every can of MEGA Tomato Paste you are sure to harvest the Natural Health Benefits and Nutrients of Tomato which includes amazing amounts of lycopene which is said to have anti oxidant properties. Tomatoes are a rich source of potassium. Tomatoes work against impotency and help increase the sperm count. Tomatoes are powerful blood purifiers and clear up urinary tract infections. They have anti oxidant properties as they are high sources of vitamin C and vitamin A. The Vitamin A especially wards off macular degeneration and improves eyesight. High in fiber they are freely used by weight watchers. Good for improving skin porosity and are widely used in the manufacture of skin care and beauty products… and many more.

MEGA Tomatoes is Canned in GR.2200, 400, 210 and 70 prestige packs

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