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Officers Choice Blue Whisky



Officer’s Choice BLUE

The secret of Smoothness and perfect delight for every connoisseur – Officer’s Choice Blue is a premium variant of Officer’s Choice Whisky. It is a fine grain whisky, blended with rare scotch malts and select Indian grain spirit.

Officer’s Choice Blue, created history by crossing 7 million cases in the third year of its launch

Give in to its exquisitely crafted pure grain blend and smooth taste. Let the harmony of the lingering taste of rich Scotch malts and the crisp texture of Indian grain spirits, seduce your every sense. The fruity exuberance and subtle peaty & woody characteristics will surely heighten your every moment.

Officer’s Choice Blue makes for the perfect all round whisky for every occasion.

Bottled in 2000ml, 1000ml, 750ml, 375ml, 180ml and 90ml packs

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